Jascha hagen - early in the morning

We have quite the treat with a couple of our German friends coming out for an intimate Loft Party on Friday September 15.

F abia, Fabiana, Fabiola, Falena, Famosa, Fancy, Fantaghiro, Fantasie, Fao,
Farah, Farina, Fatima, Faye, Fe, Feebie, Fedora, Fee, Feelings, Felidae,
Felina, Feodora, Fhara, Fibia, Fido, Fidelia, Filippa, Filomena, Fina, Fine,
Finni, First Lady, Flavia, Flaviana, Fleur, Fleurette, Flippi, Flopsy, Flora
Florence, Florentina, Flortje, Florenz, Flori, Floriana, Floh, Fortuna,
Foxy, Frances, Franny, Franzi, Franzine, Franziska, Freia, Freya, Fricka,
Frieda, Fritzi, Froni, Füchschen, Funny

G aston, Gauner, Gay, Gerard, Gedeon, Gendarme, General, Geo, Geoffrey,
George, Gerado, Germaine, Geronimo, Gershwin, Ghandie, Ghizmo, Giacomo, Gian
Battista, Gianni, Giant, Gigant, Gigolo, Gilbert, Gino, Gin Fizz, Ginger,
Giovanni, Giraldo, Gismo, Gitano, Giuseppe, Gizmo, Gonzales, Godzilla,
Goethe, Goliath, Gregor, Gregorio, Gregory, Gringo, Grischa, Grisli, Grisou,
Gucci, Gulliver, Gustav

Hahn has been interested in cross-genre collaboration and pushing musical boundaries. She began performing and touring in a crossover duo with singer-songwriter Josh Ritter in 2007 and with singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau in 2005. [26] She has recorded songs with "…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead". [27] In 2012, Hahn released an album with German pianist and composer Hauschka entitled Silfra . The songs on the disc were completely improvised. Silfra was produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson . [28] [29] According to Hahn, "Other musicians cross genres all the time. For me it's not crossover—I just enter their world. It frees you up to think in a different way from what you've been trained to do." [30]

His lasting influence has been as a symphonist and chamber-music master. He remained controversial for a time even after his death, especially the works from the 1870s on. George Bernard Shaw, one of the greatest musical critics of all, came around to Brahms ("my only mistake," he claimed) as late as the Twenties. Schoenberg considered himself a descendant of Brahms and his twelve-tone method of composition a simple extension of Brahmsian procedures. He even wrote an influential essay, "Brahms the Progressive," in the 1940s. Since Brahms himself anticipated them, it's surprising that many neo-classical composers seemed "allergic" to his music. However, Brahms now sits safely ensconced in the pantheon of western music, beyond the cavil of turf wars. It's still possible to dislike his music but not to discount its importance. ~ Steve Schwartz

Selections vary widely in duration. Both the early Edison recordings and the instrumental " Rumble " by Link Wray clock in at under three minutes; the Edison Talking Doll cylinder is only 17 seconds long. Meanwhile, Georg Solti 's recording of Wagner 's complete Ring Cycle is approximately 15 hours in duration and Alexander Scourby 's recitation of the King James Bible is over 80 hours in length. [25]