Imperial domain - the final chapter

Dorn and his Legion proved the masters of every aspect of warfare, but in particular the Imperial Fists excelled at siege craft, whether on the attack or the defence. This propelled them into a bitter rivalry with the Iron Warriors Legion and their jealous Primarch Perturabo , the flames of which were wantonly fanned by Fulgrim , the Primarch of the Emperor's Children Legion . Fulgrim is said to have asked Dorn if a fortification of his design could withstand an assault by the Iron Warriors, and Dorn is said to have answered that it could. Perturabo took the answer as a boastful sleight, and the seeds of a hatred that would only grow more bitter as the millennia passed were sown.

The Republic, which had lasted for at least 25,034 years, ended following a period of intense political turmoil and the subsequent devastation of the Clone Wars . After the death of Count Dooku above Coruscant , the death of General Grievous on Utapau and finally the massacre of the leaders of the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Mustafar , Chancellor Palpatine (by then ruling with near-absolute power) began a purge of the Jedi Order , and then proclaimed himself Emperor of the galaxy and reorganized the Galactic Republic into "the first Galactic Empire" on the galactic capital, Coruscant.

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Imperial Domain - The Final ChapterImperial Domain - The Final ChapterImperial Domain - The Final ChapterImperial Domain - The Final Chapter