Resurrection kings - resurrection kings

Band Members:
Chas West – lead vocals
Craig Goldy – guitars
Sean McNabb – bass guitar
Vinny Appice – drums

The band originally played together under the name "Charity" in 1972 with Jesus People Milwaukee, based in Milwaukee . When the community split into four groups, one became the "Jesus People USA Traveling Team", working primarily in Florida . Before their relocation to Chicago , the name "Resurrection Band" was chosen and the band became a primary focus of the community's ministry. After arriving in Chicago, the band recorded two independent cassettes that were given away after their concerts. These were performed anywhere Resurrection Band was allowed to play, from schools to prisons to street corners. The first cassette, Music to Raise the Dead , featured hard rock , while All Your Life comprised only their acoustic numbers. These were a reflection of the folk -oriented sets they would play at more conservative venues such as nursing homes and churches. The churches were deeply sceptical of Christian rock , especially the borderline heavy metal that Resurrection Band specialized in.

Resurrection Kings - Resurrection KingsResurrection Kings - Resurrection KingsResurrection Kings - Resurrection KingsResurrection Kings - Resurrection Kings