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The two to three weeks of practice and qualifying leading up to the Indianapolis 500 is known in racing circles simply as "the month of May [at Indianapolis]". In early years, the track traditionally opened for practice on May 1 (regardless of the day of the week). This practice dated back to 1911. The policy was typically to make the track available for practice no later than May 1, although in most years, few if any competitors would be on the grounds yet. In some years, the track would be available for practice and testing as early as April. For instance, in 1932, cars began to arrive on April 6, and in 1969, the first day of practice was April 28. In very early years, it was not uncommon for the track to be closed on Sunday during practice, or be open for only competitors with the gates were closed to the public. In 1974, due to the energy crisis , the schedule was reduced, and the track opened instead three weeks before race day. The change was well-received, and the new schedule was made permanent, with various tweaks over the years.

Willie Gable - Row Row Row / EternallyWillie Gable - Row Row Row / EternallyWillie Gable - Row Row Row / EternallyWillie Gable - Row Row Row / Eternally