L.p. crash crew - you ain't all that

On 4 August 2011 a high-ranking work safety official ruled out the possibility of natural disaster having caused the train crash. "Now I can say for sure that this is not a natural disaster," Huang Yi, the spokesman and a leading official with the State Administration of Work Safety, said during an on-line chat hosted by , the online arm of People's Daily . He added that the railway authorities had also pointed out loopholes and deficiencies in safety management, which had emerged in the accident. [12]

The damage to the aircraft was significant: both props and both oil coolers torn off the engines, left and right main landing gear forced back up through the engine nacelles and both landing gear strut braces pushed upwards through the wings, right ski torn in half, left ski severely damaged, left side of the fuselage torn open by the left propeller just aft of pilot's seat, both left and right engine mounts broken in several places, right wing damaged, right engine #12 cylinder head broken off and thrown through the side of the fuselage, etc. Add to this the fact that there were several thousands of surplus C-47 aircraft available at that time, all left over from the Second World War, and it is clear why the USAF immediately considered this aircraft a total write-off and did not attempt any repairs.

SwissAir crash  – In the hours following the tragic crash of a Swissair MD-11 off the coast of Nova Scotia, our firm was retained to represent the interests of the STC holder and certifier of the In-Flight Entertainment System, which was alleged to have been source of the in-flight fire, which brought down the MD-ll. Litigation resulted in Europe and a MDL case in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A separate contribution action was filed on behalf of the airline, Swissair, and aircraft manufacturer, Boeing (successor of McDonnell Douglas). The MDL panel judge prohibited any liability discovery by our client, Santa Barbara Aerospace. Nonetheless, we were able to conduct extensive investigation and testing which attacked the over $600 million case against SBA on two fronts: whether SBA’s role had anything to do with the wiring problems; and whether, in fact, the In-Flight Entertainment System was the source of the in-flight fire. While the specific terms of the resolution are confidential, it was an overwhelming victory for our client.

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L.P. Crash Crew - You Ain't All That