Renaud - les introuvables

His early work is characterized by a volatile temperament, innovative use of French, and edgy, dark, leftist social and political themes. [ citation needed ] Raised in an educated milieu, the son of an intellectual, Renaud adopted the looks and attitude of working-class youth in the 1970s, and reflected this in his lyrics. A recurrent theme is his disgust for the average French person with petit-bourgeois preoccupations and right-wing leanings (see beauf ). His music focuses on the disparity between classes, the abuse of political power, overbearing authority and disgust for the military and the police, with rare glimpses of tenderness for his fellow humans, the planet earth, and art.

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Renaud - Les IntrouvablesRenaud - Les IntrouvablesRenaud - Les IntrouvablesRenaud - Les Introuvables