Various - le sampler rockhard 123

To provide more mixing power for professionals, Logic Pro X offers a new panning option that provides discrete left and right panning controls for the left and right channels. This allows for more precise creative and corrective control of the stereo image.

After delivering an amazing work for ClekClekBoom's 3 year anniversary night at Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, we've connected once again with Monoburo for this trailer of "Paris Club Music - Volume 3".

© 2015 ClekClekBoom
Directed by Monoburo (Jérôme HERVÉ & Romain CIEUTAT)
Spécial thanks to Matthias Cortet, Nathalie de Bernardinis, studio Dailymotion Paris.

Front and rear panel Front panel 1. SmartMedia slot 6. REALTIME CONTROLS SmartMedia cards can be inserted here, allowing you to save or load data or song data or other types of data you edited. For details on handling SmartMedia, refer to “Caution when handling SmartMedia”...

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Various - Le Sampler RockHard 123Various - Le Sampler RockHard 123Various - Le Sampler RockHard 123Various - Le Sampler RockHard 123