Mikis theodorakis - the one unforgivable sin / theme from "zorba the greek"

Serpico was photographed (by cameraman Arthur J. Ornitz) entirely in New York, a city that Mr. Lumet knows better than any other director working today. He also knows actors and has surrounded Mr. Pacino with a fine cast of supporting players of whom John Randolph, as an okay Bronx police captain, is the most prominent.

Politically, he identified with the left until the late 1980s; in 1989 he ran as an independent candidate within the centre-right New Democracy party in order for the country to come out of the political crisis… read more

During WWII SS officer Kurt Gerstein tries to inform Pope Pius XII about Jews being sent to extermination camps. Young Jesuit priest Riccardo Fontana helps him in the difficult mission to inform the world.

Greek music from Macedonia is diverse, rhythmic and very distinctive. The region of Macedonia in North Greece is one of the richest in music expression and dances. The Greek music of Macedonia belongs to the musical idioms of mainland Greece but also presents an interesting internal diversity, due to the great mass of refugees that […]

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In November 2002, she collaborated with George Dalaras . They performed concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki as well as abroad. [8] The tour was titled " Mazi (Together) " and the released live album from these performances reached platinum status in 2003. On 10 April 2003, the New York Times wrote about Marinella "Her voice was earthy and strong, and she had the presence of an actress as she danced a few teasing steps or brought dignity to longing" (by Jon Pareles). [9]

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Thousands of communists are thrown into prison or internal exile on islands like Makronissos . Martial law, censorship, arrests, beatings, torture, and killings are all part of the cure the colonels have in mind for Greece. Andreas Papandreou is imprisoned for his involvement in ASPIDA and would have most likely been executed except for the pressure on US President Lyndon Johnson by American academics. Despite his opinion that Andreas Papandreou benefited from his years in America and then betrayed it, Johnson orders the leaders of the colonels not to kill him. Papandreou is released eight months later and leaves the country to spend the next 6 years as a critic of the junta. The Junta claim to have truckloads of evidence that the communists were planning to take over the country. This evidence is never produced.

Mikis Theodorakis - The One Unforgivable Sin / Theme From Mikis Theodorakis - The One Unforgivable Sin / Theme From Mikis Theodorakis - The One Unforgivable Sin / Theme From Mikis Theodorakis - The One Unforgivable Sin / Theme From