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Our pricing includes accommodation, utilities, available amenities, 2 meals a day (lunch and supper) and listed activities. Residents have access to an array of care and lifestyle services. Call us today for more information and to book a tour and complimentary meal.

A surprising variety of methods were used to make different colours. To make bright red, for example, an early 8th century process was described by Persian alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan : you had to heat mercury and sulfur in a flask, vaporize and recondense it, and then grind it to create a red colour.

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We need a section on sculpture and at least a small intro to music and dance, as opposed to the two links there.. -- 22:59, 14 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Although there is a track 'swap' on this edition of Renaissance, the only indication of the alternate track listing, is on the CD artwork itself. All other artwork associated with this edition either shows the original track listings - or gives the track by track breakdown information only.

When you choose to move to our village, we consider you a member of our family. You actively take part in helping shape the future of the community. We aim to create an all-encompassing experience where our residents have the convenience of higher levels of care while remaining in the comforts of our purpose built village. The Renaissance way of life is a true luxury resort experience where our residents share their passion and build their legacy by taking part in meeting new friends, trying our innovative programs and fun-filled activities.


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MATCHING SOME OF BOSTON'S LEADING MINDS WITH SOME OF ITS MOST PROMISING. More than 80 Boston leaders from business, the arts, education and government served as mentors at this year's annual BRCPS mentoring event.

The Renaissance - Talk To Yourself / TimeThe Renaissance - Talk To Yourself / TimeThe Renaissance - Talk To Yourself / TimeThe Renaissance - Talk To Yourself / Time