Dean martin - you can't love 'em all

Dean was never a heavy reader, but he loved his comic books. Too embarrassed to buy them for himself, he would have Jerry buy them for him. Jerry would slip them to Dean in private, then Dean would go to his dressing room or to some private spot and enjoy them.

7) He only read one book in his entire life.

Dean admitted that the only book he ever read in his life was Black Beauty .

8) He hated parties.

Although he had the image of a swinger, Dean always hated parties.

“I was shy,” he said candidly. Another time, Dean said, “I was ashamed of the way I spoke.”

9) He called the police on his wife's party.

Once, Dean's wife, Jeannie, was throwing a party at the couple's Beverly Hills mansion. As usual, Dean went to his room alone to watch some TV.

As the party grew louder, Dean called the local police and said he was a neighbor and claimed there was a loud party going on at Dean Martin's house and could the cops come and get them to quiet down. The police showed up and the party broke up because of Dean's anonymous call.

10) He got $34 million for not rehearsing.

In 1968, Dean signed the biggest contract in the history of show business. He signed a three-year contract for $34 million to do three more seasons of his hit series The Dean Martin Show .

But this was a very unique contract: since Dean hated rehearsing, he would not have to show up all week to rehearse the show. A stand-in took over Dean's role at rehearsals, while Dean played golf Monday through Thursday. He'd look over his lines during the week, but mostly he'd golf. Then on Friday, he would show up and tape the show.

11) He always said his prayers.

Surprisingly, perhaps because of his "bad boy" reputation, Dean was a devout Catholic. He said his prayers every night before he went to bed.

12) He had a severe case of claustrophobia.

Dean was absolutely terrified of close spaces. He almost always refused to ride in elevators (“It's a like a coffin in there,” he said). Reputedly, Dean once walked 18 flights of stairs to avoid riding the elevator.

Dean Martin - You Can't Love 'Em AllDean Martin - You Can't Love 'Em AllDean Martin - You Can't Love 'Em AllDean Martin - You Can't Love 'Em All