Della reese - nobody's sweetheart / here's that rainy day

From November 30, 1963 to January 23, 1965 there was no Billboard R&B singles chart. Some publications have used Cash Box magazine 's stats in their place. No specific reason has ever been given as to why Billboard ceased releasing R&B charts, but the prevailing wisdom is that the chart methodology used was being questioned, since more and more Caucasian acts were reaching number-one on the R&B chart. According to researcher Joel Whitburn , "there was so much crossover of titles between the R&B and pop singles ( Hot 100 ) charts that Billboard considered the charts to be too similar. This does not mean that R&B artists stopped turning out hits. After all, it was during this 14-month period that Motown established itself as an R&B institution." [2]

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Prometheus is full of beautifully shot effects and contains some amazing, almost classic horror sequences, all of which are tainted by the minor fact that the story didn't make any fucking sense whatsoever . Due to what appears to be a very confused production process , the film winds up being a series of weird/scary events that happen for no reason at all. For example, the entire "crew gets infected by monsters" plot that drives the film is triggered by David the android, and the film makes it look like he did it for the pure hell of it.

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Della Reese - Nobody's Sweetheart / Here's That Rainy DayDella Reese - Nobody's Sweetheart / Here's That Rainy DayDella Reese - Nobody's Sweetheart / Here's That Rainy DayDella Reese - Nobody's Sweetheart / Here's That Rainy Day