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The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much? Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for in the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive outcome.

As heard on Colin Murray’s “The Black Hole” show on the BBC’s Radio 1. Click the play button below to hear Colin’s exuberance at discovering this collection of mashups.

1997's winner was voted from the nominees below (selected from 1997's Band Names of the Month). Band Name of the Year 1997 Nominees:

  1. Blendersplat
  2. Bite the Wax Tadpole
  3. Platonic Solids
  4. Listen
  5. Verbing Nouns
  6. Four Ugly Guys and a Drummer
  7. Grounding Problem
  8. Sarcastic Legends of Yore
  9. Slim McGill and the Machinegunners
And the 1997 Band Name of the Year: Bite the Wax Tadpole (1 vote came in off the web!) Band Name of the Year 1998 Email me with your nominees! The Manager's Picks... Since I don't get to vote for BNOTY, here are my informal faves from the list for various reasons, also in alpha order, continually added to as I stumble across them in my page maintenance:
  • Agnodice in Whendiirlland
  • American Standard
  • Big Daddy Weedwacker and the Disco Rodents
  • BitchMartyr
  • Butch Bidet and the Urinal Gestapo
  • Edith Gorgenstein
  • Fade to Brown
  • Hamburger Flight School
  • I, Pyramid
  • Kung Fu Jesus
  • The Secretaries-General of the United Nations
  • Something Oral
  • Spandex Buffet
  • Unlikely Ointment
  • Xehshex
Personal Awards and Mentions 250 th Entry to the Band Names Homepage This award goes, interestingly enough, to Pran Mukherjee for his timely submission of Cheese Filling . We'd like to be able to say it couldn't have gone to a better band name... 334 th Entry to the Band Names Homepage Band Name Afficionado Pran Mukherjee relentlessly claims the 1/3-of-a-thousand mark with The Belligerent Articulates , which is at least an improvement over Cheese Filling. Still, I am made to wonder if there's any justice in the world. 500 th Entry to the Band Names Homepage At last! The half-thousand mark was claimed by Mark Stock 's entry of One Dope Groove ! Way to go, Mark! 667 th Entry to the Band Names Homepage This award goes to Jen Giel 's entry of Fuzzy Honey , entered 22 February 1999. 750 th Entry to the Band Names Homepage This one goes to Black Steed , submitted by Glenn Kotcher. Rock on! 1000 th Entry This truly monumental award goes to Pere Ubu , submitted by none other than Earl Corey Brown . Congrats to Earl on this major milestone in Band Names Homepage history. Most Submissions Award This award, historically held from the Band Homepage's inception back in 1995 by " Ken's Gang , for their ludicrously large submission of 163 name ideas of varying flavors", now goes to dutiful fan Earl C. Brown , for his total of 230 submissions (as of 26 July 1999) and counting of decent-to-hilarious-quality band name ideas. Wow. First Band Name to Start with "Q" In indirect honor of "Tom and John" (long story), we proudly award this honor unto James P. "Gino" McKenzie of the Blighted Blazing Desert Planet of Phoenix, Arizona, where a gallon of tasty water costs a quarter, and nasty water is free, for his infamously submitted Questing for Nose Gold . First Band Name to be Found Already in Use This award goes to Buttnugget , a modified submission by Ken's Gang that, we recently found, has been in use since 1994 or so by a punk band in Austrailia. I guess good taste is universal! The "First Band Name to Actually Get Used" Award We're proud to announce a 2-way tie for this rare and frankly unexpected award! This award is shared by two bands: Fire n' Gin and The Headless Thompson Gunners , who notified/requested their uses of names from this page within a few days of each other (close enough for me) in February 1999.
Fire n' Gin is a new alternative group in Canada beginning their first recording this comming summer. The Headless Thompson Gunners are a Southeast-Michigan-based Warren Zevon cover band. Best of luck to both groups! The "Bust-the-Kenneth" Award This coveted award is hard to explain. See, since Ken's Gang has so many entries, it's very often that 2, 3 or more appear in a row. As the submissions, continue, however, this becomes less and less the case, since Ken's Gang, as a defined unit, doesn't submit any more names. This award goes to the band name that, when placed in order, will seperate the last remaining adjacent pair of names submitted by Ken's Gang. It'll take smarts and timing and someone who cares, or else Pran will get it! :) Awards to come... Yes, I'm askin' again. Got any ideas for noteworthy categories of note? Drop me a line with your ideas for awards!! I'm serious! There's no reason for this to be a one-dude show. Hey, while you're at it, drop me a nominee or three for your award idea. Others in the Biz As time passes, I'm finding other band name idea sources on the internet. I hope to maintain a list of links to them here, so if you know of one that's not listed, please let me know . This is, after all, the official Unofficial Band Names Homepage, so a list of links is only appropos. :)

The B-52's - Wig / Summer Of LoveThe B-52's - Wig / Summer Of LoveThe B-52's - Wig / Summer Of LoveThe B-52's - Wig / Summer Of Love